Reading the Bible Canonically (Schedule of Readings)




The order in which we read the Christian Bible can have an effect on how we understand what we read.  In the past I have suggested a reading schedule that proceeds from the Bible’s most foundational texts to those which assume prior knowledge of other passages for their fullest meaning. That reading schedule can be found here:

Reading the Bible with Purpose


However, in my own study I am becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the canonical shape of Scripture. So, for 2018, I have prepared a reading schedule based on two canonical arrangements–namely, the Hebrew arrangement of the First (or Old) Testament, and an arrangement of the New Testament that follows the traditional order found in most English versions with one alteration–in this schedule Hebrews has been placed before Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

The links below provide both a one-year and a three-year reading plan.

Reading the Bible Canonically – 1 Year

Reading the Bible Canonically – 3 Years

~ J. Thomas

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